Reporting Projects

In reporting to clients, I now include a bulleted list with our recommendations for upcoming activity over some appropriate period of time.  If little is going on, it might be a list of activity for the next six months.  If trial is near, it might be activity for the next two weeks.

Regardless, this list should be inclusive of all active projects -- and I mean projects as defined in GTD: "any desired result that requires more than one action step."  The list would also include an outcome with a single action step, assuming the activity is significant enough to need to communicate.  Such a list might look like this:

  • Complete retention of experts and disclose them on ____
  • Prepare our experts for deposition in _____
  • Continue efforts to obtain third party records from ___
  • Analyze Plaintiff's responses to supplemental written discovery
  • Prepare trial submissions, beginning in ____

The primary purpose of this list is to effectively communicate with the client. I think it's a nice clean way to distill down what is going to be happening next. A secondary purpose, however, is to make sure the client and I are operating off the same "Project List."  In other words, the list in my report ought to be the same as the list in my personal organization system, and if it isn't, than I need to make some adjustments.

D. Mark Jackson

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