Pad to the Future

In case you need a break from brainstorming justifications for buying an iPad, let's look forward.  My engineering colleague passes along a future interface.

10/GUI from C. Miller on Vimeo.

Admittedly very cool. Still, seems like a lot of trouble and only marginally better than Alt-Tab and a mouse or The Dock.  And nothing yet beats a keyboard for converting language based ideas into digitally usable form (i.e. some form of text). This, of course, seems to be the biggest weakness to the iPad interface. And who -- really -- needs more than 10 windows open at a time?  All those open windows reminds me of this classic from The Onion.

I'm thinking the real future is when we do away with screens altogether and start using glasses and "heads up" displays.  And neural interfaces!

D. Mark Jackson

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