Run Right

Occasionally, this blog will focus on health. This is the first such post. Health is the foundation for everything we do and a prerequisite for improving professionally. Via James Fallows, new running research (subscription required) shows that forefoot striking is biomechanically superior to heel striking.  An interesting video to boot (pun intended, sorry):

Like Fallows, I feel vindicated. After a stress fracture several years ago, I began studying the Pose Method of running, going so far as to hire a certified coach, undergo video analysis, and commit to lots of drill work. Essentially, the technique is to land on your forefoot, with the foot slightly behind your center of gravity, and quickly "pull" your foot off the ground, changing support to the other leg.

I'm a convert. Not only have I been injury free, but I run faster and with much greater ease. And while I usually don a pair of minimalist racing flats, my occasional barefoot run is a unique pleasure.

D. Mark Jackson

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