Reducing Stress With Checklists and GTD

In the ABA Journal, Martha Neil writes:

A sense of impending doom is a common feeling for many attorneys in practice: From the mistake made when drafting a document or taking a deposition to a transgression that you may not even be aware of yet, there's always something lurking in your consciousness to produce a feeling of being "in trouble."

She goes on to quote a psychotherapist and former lawyer who believes on-the-job stress can cause diagnosable disorders. I'll leave that question to the mental health professionals. But this will certainly sound familiar to any litigator.

While it's probably impossible to avoid stress in law practice entirely, checklists make a huge difference in addressing anxiety levels. If you've done a good job developing your checklist, you're much less likely to feel like you're forgetting something critical. And getting "In to zero" with GTD eliminates that feeling that something bad out there is waiting to bite you.