Toddler Mode For The iPhone

If you've got young ones around, you really need this to share your device without risking your data and identity:

You know how iPhone and iPad have “airplane mode”, which turns off all connectivity? Right under that, I want “Toddler Mode”. When switched on, you’ll get a dialog letting you know you are entering Toddler Mode, and an explanation of how to get out. Unlike Airplane Mode, you can’t get out of Toddler Mode through settings, because there’s no way Toddler Mode should allow access to the settings panel. I haven’t figured out the best way out of Toddler Mode, but I’m thinking a quick triple-click on the home button, followed by a swipe, should work.

I confess: our household once fell victim to such an "early adopter."

This really should be a standard feature for mobile devices. And you'd think the emergency services folks would have lobbied for this by now.

(via Kottke)